People do not object to change –
they object to being changed (Anon)

Gary Purser – creator of facilitate 4 change and an internationally renowned facilitator - acknowledges that we live in an increasingly complex world - A world where we have more information available than ever before.

This means we can no longer rely on one or two ‘very clever people’ to provide all the answers. He believes that real wisdom lies within and across the whole organisation and we need to harness it if we are to create real lasting change.

How do we gather that wisdom? More and more facilitation is proving to be the key that unlocks an organisations potential. facilitate 4 change uses the power of facilitation to help organisations and individuals change using a team of professional facilitators who have national and international experience in the private, public, voluntary and charity sectors. facilitate 4 change works with all types and sizes of organisations - from multi-nationals to small to medium enterprises - and across all sectors to help them create lasting change.

Gary and his team provide a full range of facilitation services and they also train and develop facilitators to help individuals, groups and teams focus on the real issues and build agreement on lasting solutions.

Contact us to find out how facilitation uses collaboration and participation to provide a powerful way to build consensus, solve problems, make decisions and improve performance.