Life is a series of meetings so we had better get good at them

Fed up with being given ‘off-the-shelf’ change products? - We can work with you to help you design and develop your own change processes and programmes using facilitation as the key element of a systemic approach. Click ‘Plan Change’ to find out more.

  • Often wondered what facilitation really means? – Facilitation is at the heart of everything we do and we are all Certified Professional Facilitators© (CPF™) so you would expect us to know what it is. Click ‘Facilitation’ to find out more.
  • Want to develop Facilitative Leadership skills? – We can provide the time space and skills to help you enhance and develop your or your organisations capability. Click ‘Leadership’ to find out more
  • Teams not getting on or facing hostility? - We develop individuals, groups and teams to become more effective in their work together as well as helping you or your people reduce the likelihood of trauma or injury when in hostile situations. Click ‘Conflict Resolution’ to find out more
  • Not where you want to be? – We have facilitators trained in problem solving, decision making and other change processes. Click ‘Solve Problems’ to find out more
  • Meetings not working – Conferences failing? - We can provide you with a specialised meeting facilitation service for all types of meeting from small groups to major conferences.
  • Want to develop yourself or your team in facilitation? - We are one of only two organisations in the UK whose training programmes have been accredited in accordance with a Certifying body for professional facilitators.

We are wholly Client Centred and do not offer 'Off the Shelf' packages but design each intervention specifically to the Clients individual needs. We will work with you to design the most cost effective solution to the challenges you face. To do this we use Certified Professional Facilitators© each trained in the art and science of facilitation to:

  • Work with you to clarify the challenges you face
  • Establish clear deliverables for each intervention/event.
  • Design the facilitated process that will ensure participation, manage differences, embed change and monitor success.
  • Establish clear actions and improve long-term commitment to those actions
  • Provide you with ongoing support
  • And much much more