Are they difficult people – or – people you find difficult? (Un-attributed)

Conflict Resolution

When does assertive become aggressive? Our society seems to be seeing a rise in conflict and hostility in the workplace.

Facilitation provides the basis for conflict resolution. Whether it is working with a team to explore how they really work together and build a better way of working - or – conflict resolution between key individuals that is seriously impairing organisational and personal effectiveness we can develop individuals, groups and teams to become more effective in their work together.

We also have vast experience in managing hostility experienced in the workplace and can work with you to design programmes that will prevent or reduce the likelihood of trauma or injury to you or your staff when faced with hostile situations. We have successfully run organisation wide Hostile Situations Programmes for Government Agencies as well as weaving this into Team Building and Facilitation Programmes.

Contact us to discuss how we may help you or your organisation improve its performance using Conflict Resolution Processes.