At the centre of your being you have
the answer; You know who you are
and you know what you want. Lao Tzu (604BC - ?)

Facilitation Training

This quote lies at the heart of the facilitate 4 change approach to Facilitator Development – you are the best tool or technique that you will ever have so knowing who you are is the start and end point.

Gary Purser has trained hundreds of facilitators across the world and brings all his experience to the design and delivery of Facilitation Training that fits you or your organisations performance. The three day Three Day Core Skills Programme has been Certified as one of only two organisations in the UK to deliver all the Core Competencies required to be certified as a professional facilitator.

Again facilitate 4 change will work with you to identify what you or your teams needs are by exploring the environments and cultures they will be working in and the type of work they will be expected to deliver.

The following are examples of the programmes facilitate 4 change has designed for clients or run as open programmes:

One Day Foundation Course that takes the form of an intensive and highly participative workshop designed to provide participants with an understanding of the concept and practice of facilitation and introduce a suitable range of tools, tips and techniques that will enable participants to:

  • Work with clients to identify their needs
  • Design simple group processes to enable participation and collaboration to take place
  • Overcome ‘common blockages’ to progress in meetings
  • Identify and work with difficult situations and behaviours
  • Improve their facilitation of groups tenfold by learning and using a Basic Tool Kit

Three Day Core Skills Programme which is designed to be highly experiential and participative and focuses on learning by doing and modelling facilitation competencies. Enhanced feedback skills are developed to enable participants and session leaders to help each other build on their strengths and identify areas for improving personal performance. This all takes place in a safe and supportive environment, which will be created so that personal exploration, challenge and change can flourish. This programme has an international reputation for making personal development and learning interesting, understandable and fun!

By being wholly designed around a Global Standard of Facilitator Core Competencies the programme delivers all the key facilitation skills required to become certified as a Professional Facilitator:-

  • Create Collaborative Relationships
  • Plan Appropriate Group Processes
  • Create & Sustain a Participatory Environment
  • Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes
  • Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge
  • Model Positive Professional Attitude

Master Facilitation Skills Programme which takes the participants on a highly intensive personal journey of development and experience over five days.

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