The great leader is he who the people say, 'We did it ourselves’. Lao Tzu (604BC - ?)


More and more, we achieve success (or not!) through the behaviours - not of ourselves - but of other people. Understanding or influencing people by exerting hierarchic power is becoming less common than achieving results through consultation and relationship building. To be successful: facilitative, participative and collaborative approaches to decision-making and ownership need to be incorporated into the heart of the way we do things. Facilitation is a proven technique which achieves this and is used successfully throughout society and the business world. Increasingly organisations are searching for faciliative leaders – people who can work with others, capture their energy and wisdom and inspire them on to greater achievements.

Let us work with you to learn:

  • How to understand and work with a diverse group of people.
  • How to be “not in charge”.
  • How to get others to come together, step through a thought process, and accomplish something.
  • How to get up in front of people and speak with confidence.
  • How to engage people so that everyone gets involved.
  • How to move a group of people towards consensus.
  • How to inspire individuals and teams.

facilitate 4 change works with leading figures in the world of Leadership Development to help you identify the leadership style you or your organisation needs.

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