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Managing Events

Facilitate 4 change has a wealth of experience in organising events including conferences, network meetings, annual bashes etc.

So if you have been give responsibility for organising an event then the facilitate 4 change team will work with you to:

  1. Identify the event objectives, process and programme to ensure you obtain the maximum return on your investment.
  2. Provide a full logistic support including:
    • venue finding and liaison with suppliers
    • programme design and planning
    • speaker contact and liaison with sponsors
    • booking and enquiry service for all participants
    • conference packs and all materials
    • complete set-up and breaking-down service

We will work with you:

  • In the planning stage to help you match event/meeting objectives with a programme and meeting design that will get the most from the people and the time available
  • To train up a small team of facilitators to support the running of the day through table-top discussion, open space or break out sessions
  • To front the event, set up and set down the day, co-ordinate the programme and keep the programme and the participants on track
  • To provide and co-ordinate a facilitation force to ensure consistent, professional facilitation of break-out groups; table tops and to ensure an accurate record of contributions and decisions

No meeting is too big or too small! We have designed and run stakeholder events, organisational development events, national conferences and training and networking events for from 4 to 450 participants.

We can also operate a ‘No Cost Conferencing’ approach where all the costs and risks are borne by us.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you design and run a stress free event.